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Youth Maker Club (YMC)




01.09.2021 - 31.08. 2024

Cooperation partners:

Ministry of Education, Culture and research, VET schools from Chisinau

Students from Vocational Schools 

431’326 €


The YMC project is implemented by the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC), which aims to promote the development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between the private companies, similar organizations, state institutions, international organizations in order to enhance the competitiveness and development of the sector and company capacities, enlarge the market, atract investments in the country and participate in the decision making and regulatory process on the national and international level. Visit the association website to find more about their initiatives and projects.

Project Summary:

The project will create a nurturing learning environment that will provide a series of diversified activities, including fun ones that require hands-on application of science, technology and crafts (including mechanics, electricity, electronics). Students will be challenged to choose from a variety of Tekwill-based programs – from more technical workshops and meetups to activities that include making, building, “thinking with their hands” and designing while solving individually or in group a variety of tasks or real-life problems. Importantly, the Makerspaces/FabLab will feature an environment that encourages students to trust themselves, to take ownership of their own learning, and to feel safe while making mistakes. Beyond the technical skills gained at Tekwill as part of the project, students will be able to strengthen essential soft skills like problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, basic digital skills and working in teams. 

In the inception phase of the project, Orientation sessions will be organized in all vocational schools located in Chisinau, followed by Open Doors /Maker Days, aimed at informing students about the new opportunities and facilities provided by Tekwill and FabLab Chisinau.

The core Makers’ space activity - “Youth Maker Club” - will put the students in a different working environment, helping them to acquire new skills and abilities, to work in a team and to implement joint projects during workshops after classes on the premises of FabLab and Tekwill. The guidance and mentorship will be ensured by experts and engineers from makers community.

Additionally, during the project period there will be organized Hackathons/Makeathons, Bootcamps/Summer camps, Meetups with the duration from 2 hours to 3-7 days aimed to encourage young people to participate along with their peers in small-scale projects, applying knowledge and skills to solve a given problem, learn from professionals and explore the technologies and innovations in engineering field.

Project Outcome:

To create a supportive, collaborative platform where VET students can proactively investigate, strengthen and enrich their technical skills necessary to perform specific tasks and solve real-life problem.

Expected Outputs:


  • VET students’ hands-on skills of using various technologies acquired during workshops and programs at Fablab and Tekwill have enhanced.

  • VET students’ capacities and initiatives to come up with own ideas and to implement them have been improved.

  • Self-esteem, self-assurance in own talents and abilities of the students from vocational schools have been increased.

  • Maker-activities by VET-students are promoted actively.

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