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LED is looking for expert(s) to conduct skill needs analysis in renewable energy sector

The Liechtenstein Development Service Coordination Office Moldova and A.O. AED are looking for an expert/company for conducting an occupational skill needs analysis in the renewable energy sector of Moldova.

The main objective of the analysis is to obtain a clear picture of the labour market needs in the renewable energy sector (RES) in terms of occupations, qualifications, and skills. In particular, the study shall:

  • Assess the current occupational structure in the renewable energy sector

  • Identify skill deficiencies and quantify labour demand along RES value-chain

  • Identify the emerging occupations and the expected changes in demanded skills in RES

  • Recommend a skills response from formal and non-formal training providers, employers, and public authorities.

The duration of the assignment is estimated at two months (for submitting the first draft report). The suggested timeframe December 2021 - January 2022.

Candidates are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Relevant education and proven experience in conducting quantitative research

  • Technical expertise in assessing issues of labour market demand and supply

  • Knowledge of global employment patterns and trends in RES

  • Knowledge of VET system

  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills.

Interested consultants/companies shall submit the following set of documents:

  • A cover letter with a brief description of relevant previous assignments.

  • CV(s) of the consultant(s) or presentation of the company, with reference/links to previous similar/relevant assignments.

  • A technical proposal detailing the suggested scope of work, methodology, sampling criteria, work plan.

  • A financial proposal.

Applications shall be submitted to the email by 30 November 2021.

For details please see below the Terms of Reference (ToR).

ToR_skills needs analysis_RES
Download DOCX • 49KB

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