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Moldova Employment and Entrepreneurship Education and Training Activity (MEEETA), Phase IV


2017 - 2020

Cooperation partners:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research; Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Finance

Implementation partners:

Dacia Youth Centre (Soroca); Business women’s Association (Balti); Women Association from Gagauzia (Comrat); Chamber of Commerce and Industry, all VET institutions in Moldova




757’743 €, plus 3’000 € in-kind local contribution

The MEEETA project is implemented by the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), which aims to contribute to the social and economic development of the country, poverty eradication through the development and harnessing of vocational skills, of private initiative and entrepreneurial spirit; also to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit through education, initiation and development of businesses. Visit their website to find more about CEDA and their projects.

Project Summary: 

The project promotes the economic empowerment of young people by facilitating the development and use of their entrepreneurial competences. Great efforts have been made in the previous phases to increase the visibility and attractiveness of entrepreneurship as a career option and a self-employment opportunity. The project activities are aligned to the VET reforming processes which are being carried on by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research based on the Strategy of vocational/technical education and training development for 2013 - 2020 (VET Strategy) and other policy and regulating documents. 


The main lines of activities are:

  • Building and developing the national capacity to provide entrepreneurial education in VET institutions.

  • Helping students and graduates of VET institutions to develop business plans and to put them into practice through business plan contests, additional entrepreneurship courses for start-ups; provision of start-up grants.

  • Assisting the key ministries with impact on VET in coordinating their efforts towards a better policy for regulating the entrepreneurial activity of VET institutions.

  • Supporting VET institutions in planning and accounting their entrepreneurial activities.

Project Outcome:


To further increase the chance of graduates from VET institutions to find a job or to start a micro-enterprise in the country.

Expected Outputs:


  1. National capacity to provide entrepreneurial education in VET institutions is built.

  2. Students and graduates from VET institutions apply their entrepreneurship competences.

  3. Selected VET institutions carry out entrepreneurial activities for improving the quality of professional training of students and to generate income.

Phase III Accomplishments:

  • 103 teachers from 66 VET institutions trained in teaching the “Basics of Entrepreneurship” discipline and didactic project development;

  • 78 teachers of Maths, Romanian language, Modern languages, IT, and Civic Education were informed about the development of entrepreneurial competencies;

  • 184 VET graduates trained in post VET entrepreneurship trainings and 121 (65.8%) business plans presented by VETs graduates;

  • 47 VET school graduates applied for grants, 29 (61.7%) of them got support in equipment grants amounting about 37,410.00 USD;

  • Regulations for the national contest among VET schools “The Best Business Plan-2016” elaborated and approved by the Ministry of Education;

  • 2 Editions of “The Best Business Plan” National contest conducted, where 130 VET graduates had participated, out of them 11 students were nominated as winners within the competition

  • 18 master-classes organized for 394 graduates and 11 Internships organized for 194 VET graduates;

  • 3 VET institutions elaborated and piloted business plans for income generation activities;

  • 14 trainings and workshops on income generation activities for pilot VET schools were conducted for pilot schools, (including school principals, accountants, foremen and teachers) in cooperation with KulturKontact Austria project team.


Success stories


Rodideal Marin, Strășeni

In 2016, Rodideal Marin set a small company "ART PRODBETON", which is specialized in manufacturing reinforced concrete objects – “European-lock” standard concrete tubes, fencing and paving elements. Marin applied for the start-up grant support to grow his business. He was awarded €1850 grant which enabled him to buy the necessary equipment for casting the reinforced concrete pipes which are in high demand in the regional market. The company manufacture products both for individual clients and for several enterprises in Chisinau, Ungheni, Nisporeni, Ialoveni, and Hîncesti. The annual sales of the reinforced concrete pipes amounted to about 900,000 MDL 

(approximately €45,000). Currently, the company has 10 employees, but the entrepreneur considers expanding the business in the immediate future.


Ion Vendereu, Bălți

Ion is a young entrepreneur from Balti. As a result of his participation in the entrepreneurship training program in 2012 and further getting a grant, Ion launched the company "Niolion-Eco" SRL that specializes in full-service car wash. The business is located strategically in a busy part of the city, near a car park, which ensures a constant number of customers. The current number of employees is 5 employees. Annual revenue has reached $ 25,000. Guided by his father who has worked for several years at one of the city's car wash service, Ion identified a number of problems the car wash services face, which he addressed and changed into benefits. The innovation of his business is the provision of high-quality full-service car wash by using modern vacuum cleaner and steam generator, worth $ 2400 – a grant he received as part of the grant program offered by the 

MEEETA III project. The business is steadily developing, succeeding at an expansion of the company services. In October 2017, the entrepreneur set a tyre maintenance and repair service, creating further 2 new jobs and enlarging the provided services.


Angela Chihai, Telenești

Angela is 39 years old and is the founder of the company "Textile Business" Ltd specialized in garment manufacturing (carnival costumes, national clothes, bridal dresses, mother and daughter dresses, etc.) as well in dry cleaning and pillow cleaning services. In 2008, Angela participated in the training program and received a grant to start her business. The two-year revenues have been reinvested in the business development; thus in 2010, Angela launched a dry-cleaning service, and later added to the list of services the pillow cleaning service. The company is located in a central and busy area of the city, next to the bus station and market. It 

occupies a total area of 56 m², which is divided into 3 separate spaces: chemical cleaning - 20 m²; sewing workshop - 18 m²; and pillow cleaning - 17 m². In 2017, the company hired 7 employees and the annual revenues reached the value of $ 21,300. In 2018, Angela plans to expand her business by purchasing an area of 65 m², where the garment production and the store will be relocated, creating 3 new jobs.


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