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Future English Language Teachers’ School (FELT School)




2015 - 2018


25-30 (future) English/French Language Teachers

160-190 primary school learners

40 VET students (Gastronomy)


11th State Primary School of Piraeus, Greece

Istituto Professionale di Stato per i Servizi 

Enogastronomici e dell'Ospitalità Alberghiera “Karol Wojtyla”, Catania, Italy

The Second Chance School of Korydallos, Athens


152’801 €

The FELT project is implemented by the Association “Continuing Education Center”, which aims to contribute to the development of English teaching capacity in Moldova by encouraging personal and professional development of the teachers who will guide successive generations, publish and dissemiante ELT and ESP resources; and by running ELT and ESP programmes for EL teachers and learners in joint collaboration with institutions from Moldova and foreign countries. Visit the website to find more about the Centre's projects.


Project Summary: 

There is an increased demand in republic of Moldova to improve the English language teaching (ELT) in the educational institutions. As a response, FELT School started developing and piloting ELT Resources which allow a student-centered approach in teaching and learning. It is important to carry on the process of elaborating and piloting these ELT resources as well as make them available on the market on a national level. FELT School project aims to contribute to the professional development of future English language teachers in Moldova by publishing English language resources and providing opportunities for continuous professional development. 

The main lines of activities are:

  • Developing the FELT School capacity to provide excellent training programmes;

  • Developing EL teaching aids to complement the beginner courses of English language at the primary school level and VET system (English for Gastronomy);

  • Piloting and disseminating ELT resources;

  • Supporting partner schools and University to improve their ELT capacity.

Project Outcome:


To further increase the ELT capacity of the primary partner schools and the VET partner schools to offer high-quality, fun, student-centred learning activities.

Project Accomplishments:

  • The primary school publications include: 40 sets of flashcards in English, 8 sets of flashcards in French, 1 English reader;

  • The teaching aids dedicated to the VET schools (English for Gastronomy) comprises a compilation of 250 photo based flashcards, lesson plans and the first draft of the brochure of dialogues;

  • 184 VET graduates trained in post VET entrepreneurship trainings and 121 (65.8%) business plans presented by VETs graduates;

  • Exchange visits between the Centre and the primary school of Piraeus, Greece to pilot and capitlize on the use the flashcards in the learning process;

  • Provision of continuous professional development. which included a range of ELT workshops, co-teaching activities, summer schools, teaching internships, and conference presentations;

  • Provision of a programme of Continuing  Professional Development to 10 EL teachers from 6 VET schools (including workshops, co-teaching activities, teaching internships, a summer school  and an exchange visit at a vocational school in Catania, Italy).


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