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Education for Agriculture (EdAgri)

01.07.2015 – 30.06.2018
Cooperation partners
Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment; Technical University of Moldova (UTM)
Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technology, Taul (CEHTA)
594’468 €

Project Summary:

EdAgri provides a range of support to the Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technology from Taul (CEHTA), so the institution offers a high-quality agricultural education. EdAgri supports the improvement of the training delivery for two specialties “Horticulture” and “Processing of Vegetal Products”. The main objective of the project is to support CEHTA to become a centre, where a multitude of new growing methods are tried and applied and where not only the students but also the farmers can learn about advanced methods in vegetable and fruit production. 

The main lines of activities are:

  • Strengthening the organisational capacity of the institution.

  • Providing pedagogical and occupational teacher training. 

  • Increasing the learning opportunities for students in practical training in vegetable and fruit production. 

  • Building up a new greenhouse for growing a wider variety of cultures and seedlings.

  • Setting up open didactical fields.

  • Capitalising on the experts and agricultural centres to support CEHTA to learn and apply new growing technologies.

  • Improving the institution infrastructure, including refurbishing a few guest rooms.

Project Outcome:

CEHTA offers relevant, practice-oriented training in fruit and vegetable growing as well as in storing and processing vegetal products. 

Expected Outputs:


1. The college has a stronger organisational capacity.

2. The approaches to growing and production used on the didactical plots are modernized.

Phase I Accomplishments:

  • 80% of the specialty teachers have undergone at least 20 days of instructional skill training.

  • Each of the three partner schools has improved the learning process and infrastructure according to the yearly improvement plans.

  • All the speciality teachers (including all teachers teaching subjects like soil science, plant protection etc.) have participated in occupational trainings.

  • Taul college has set up a demonstration plot for vegetables and a nursery for planting trees and shrubs, which was equipped with an anti-hail net. A 5 hectares of prune orchard has been planted.  

  • Setting up a multi-functional laboratory at CEHTA to run laboratory and practical classes.

CEHTA greenhouse 2018


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