CONSEPT IV-  Strengthening Vocational Education and Training in Moldova


01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021



Cooperation partners

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research; Technical University of Moldova, Pro Didactica; Child Rights Information Center

Funding partners

Medicor Foundation

15 VET schools across Moldova

1’839’755 €

Implementation Agency
Association Education for Development (AED)

Project Summary:

Since 2008, the project CONSEPT has been supporting VET schools in Republic of Moldova. Although a lot has been achieved, the progress is slow. The situation is different from school to school. Some have made good use of the projects input, others were less successful at doing this. Management played a key role as well as the overall context and the regulatory framework influenced the ability to capitalize on the project inputsCONSEPT IV will continue to strengthen the VET system, focusing on the quality of delivery in school, which in any VET approach (dual or non-dual), is the responsibility of VET schools. We believe that teachers are an essential part of school. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement, so it is critical to pay close attention to how we train and support both new and experienced teachers. In this sense, a range of activities will be dedicated to improve teachers' performance.   

Project Outcome:

The quality of the delivery of partner VET schools is improved. 






Expected Outputs:


  • The offer of teacher training provided by Technical University is modernised. CONSEPT supports the teacher training centre for several years. The training courses are continuously updated and some of them transformed into a blended learning format, combining online with face-to-face learning units.

  • VET school management is improved. CONSEPT assists the MECR to revise the quality assurance instruments and the partner VET schools to apply them meaningfully.

  • VET student councils are enabled to better advocate for changes. Besides the national VET student council, CONSEPT supports student councils on school level and assists teaching staff to better understand the particularities of adolescence.

  • Assessment is based on qualification standards. CONSEPT assists the MECR to update qualifications with assessment strategies. Also, it elaborates the assessment tools indicated in the qualification for tailor, cook, electrician, welder, plasterer, installation of ventilation and heating.

  • The teaching process in the partner schools has improved. Besides various teacher trainings for instructional skills, critical thinking skills, IT-skills CONSEPT will work with motivated teachers to explore the possibilities to use digital tools in the daily teaching.

  • The living conditions in selected VET school dormitories is improved. Infrastructure measures shall be combined with a discussion on how to improve the dormitory rules and the way they are enforced.

  • Relevant initiatives of the sector committees in textile and gastronomy are supported. CONSEPT offers a limited budget for VET relevant initiatives of the sector committees.