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CONSEPT III -  Strengthening Vocational Education and Training in Moldova


2015 - 2018

Cooperation partners:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research; Technical University of Moldova, Pro Didactica; Child Rights Information Center

Funding partners:

Medicor Foundation, Hilti Foundation

22 VET schools across Moldova

1’248’703 €



Project Summary:

The overall objective of the project is to support the school partners in the provision of high-quality vocational education and training that aligns to the labour market needs. The project aims to complement the efforts of other actors engaged in VET with an intervention strategy that yields tangible results at different levels:

  • On the macro level: CONSEPT develops curricula for selected occupations. These curricula are complemented by meaningful assessment procedures. Up-to-date curricula and assessments are the base for a more relevant training.

  • On the meso level: CONSEPT further strengthens the Centre for Continuing Training of the Technical University Moldova and helps the country to get a high-quality training structure for the continuing training for the VET system.

  • On the school level: CONSEPT supports up to 22 VET schools in implementing high quality training according to the new curricula. Reforms on policy level and introduction of more relevant curricula make only sense, if the schools can live up to the new standards. The project helps a considerable number of schools to do this.

With these interventions CONSEPT aims to have a systemic effect on the vocational training in Moldova.


Project Outcome:

A more professional and efficient vocational training for Cook, Pastry Cook, Electrician, Tailors, Welders, Plasterers as well as specialists for Heating and Ventilation in Moldova.

Expected Outputs:

Moldova has a strong institutionalized support structure for re-training the teaching staff of the VET-system (and other teachers).

  1. The management of the partner schools is strengthened.

  2. The teaching staff for the selected specialties is trained.

  3. The workshops for the selected specialties are equipped to implement the curricula properly.

  4. The training content for the selected occupations correspond to the labour market needs.

  5. Learning materials and assessments to implement the curricula are developed.

Since 2017, CONSEPT has been implemented by the NGO "Education for Development" (AED). Check out the following website to find out more about the NGO and the project.


Phase III Accomplishments:

  • First teacher training course transformed into blended learning course

  • 17‘245 person-training-days of instructional skills trainings (offered by UTM)

  • 2814 person-training-days of occupational skills trainings

  • 676 person-training-days IT skills trainings (offered by CTICE)

  • 510 person-training-days of critical thinking trainings (offered by ProDidactica)

  • 1’000 person-training-days for management staff of partner VET schools

  • Guide for School Development Planning (SDP) produced with 21 schools developing their SDP

  • The National VET Student Council and 21 partner-school Student Councils are supported

  • 98 trainings on child-friendliness (1’810 participants) conducted

  • 62 practical workshops improved

  • 2.3 M € in improvement of workshops (equipment, infrastructure, consumables)

  • 5 occupational standards, 2 qualifications, and 7 curricula developed

  • Curriculum framework and Guide for curriculum development for VET and Colleges produced

  • 1’640 manuals procured and distributed

  • Some learning materials developed for Cooks,  Tailors and Electricians

  • A platform for sharing the learning materials developed —

  • Two online modules hosted on Moodle have been developed jointly with Centre of Excellence in Light Industry

  • Unified qualification exams piloted with welders, tailors and cooks (1’872 students) nationwide

  • Collection of test items and practical tasks for supported occupations produced

Occupational training Welders
Occupational training Welders
Occupational training Welders
occupational workshop1-min
Occupational training Tailors
Occupational training Tailors
Occupational training Tailors
Occupational training Pastry-Cook
Occupational training Pastry-Cook
Occupational training Pastry-Cook
Occupational training Pastry-Cook
Occupational training Pastry-Cook
Management trainings
Critical thinking course
Critical thinking course
Critical thinking course
IT training
National Student Council
National Student Council
Culinary competition
Culinary competition
Culinary competition
Culinary competition
Culinary competition


The film was produced in 2017 to celebrate 10th anniversary of the activity of Liechtenstein Development Service in Republic of Moldova, featuring the key areas of collaboration and results emerging from the implementation of the project CONSEPT. 



The issue of graduates’ employability, career patterns, and transition to work has gained a great importance on LED Moldova agenda. Since labour market dictates the needs and competencies, VET schools have to be forward looking to introduce and manage desirable change. Graduate tracer studies are an essential tool for these schools to determine the extent their programmes deliver to their graduates and enable them to progress successfully to the labour market. Common topics in tracer studies include questions on the transition to work, work entrance, job career, use of learned competencies and current occupation.


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